The Santa Claus Screen Saver

The Santa Claus Screen Saver 1.0

Santa Claus Screen Saver will bring Christmas to your desktop all year long
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The most wonderful season of the year: Christmas. Don't you miss many of the great things about this season?
Santa Claus Screen Saver will bring Christmas to your desktop all year long.

This beautiful screen saver will let you remember and enjoy all your childhood dreams about Christmas. And, of course, the principal character of this holiday: Santa Claus. That jolly old man who is in charge of bringing happiness to all the children.

You will be able to see a typical and beautiful scene of a town with its houses covered with snow and decorations everywhere. Suddenly, something moves in the sky. You finally notice and recognize that flying object. Santa Claus and his sled pulled by his faithful reindeers. You will watch as Santa flies by your house and finally returns and lands on the roof.

Then you will be in your living room, next to a cozy fireplace and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with all its ornaments.

But this is not all. All of a sudden you will see the familiar figure of that gentle man who gives presents to the children. He approaches the table to leave a present and just watches the scene as if obtaining the necessary energy to continue his trip around the world.

Santa Claus Screen Saver will surely let you enjoy Christmas all year long.

Fernando Soni
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  • Really beautiful scenes
  • Excellent graphics


  • The face of Santa is a little strange
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